More MoS in the Guardian

(I meant to put this one up earlier - has it really been 2 months?!)

One Sunday morning late in July I was contacted by the Deputy Sports Editor at the Guardian, Russell Jackson, asking if I could finish off my regular blog projecting the remainder of the home and away season and the Finals in time for that evening's deadline.

Given that the last game was to finish around 7:30pm and the usual script took 5 hours to run, it required a little finessing (and the kindness of Russell to come in on his day off and work until very late to edit my copy and make all the magic happen), but in the end, we got there.

This was the result.

I've been advised by Russell - as a general principle and not, I'm letting myself believe, purely in relation to this particular piece - to avoid reviewing the comments under the piece. So far, despite significant temptation, I've not done so ....

Anyway, thanks to Russell, MoS now has its first piece in the mainstream press with my byline. Feels weird - but kinda nice.