And Then There Were 50

Yesterday a reference to MAFL appeared on the Revolutions Analytics blog, which was subsequently republished on r-bloggers and on That sort of exposure does wonders for traffic to your website. Over the last 36 hours or so, almost 200 people have visited MAFL from, it appears, many corners of the globe (which, thinking about it literally, is a ridiculous notion - just how many corners does an oblate spheroid have?).

Anyway, so diverse has the traffic been that, sometime today, MAFL welcomed a visitor from country number 50, Peru.

The most-recent traffic leap-frogged the UK into 3rd position, and closed the gap between Australia and the US, though whether today's visitors like what they've seen enough to continue visiting has yet to be determined.

From my point of view, having the Czech Republic in 5th, Spain in 6th and Singapore in 7th - all ahead of Australia's near-neighbours in New Zealand - is both surprising and heartening. 

So, no more updates on the Flag Counter until MAFL reaches 75 countries, which I'm predicting will take a long time (unless MAFL gets linked on a site like reddit ...)