2019 - Round 14 : MoSHPlay Update

You might, legitimately, have a contrary position, but I confess to be startled for the second week running that a league that's decided to schedule 6 games for the entire round might choose to put one of them on a Thursday night.

Anyway, regardless, here’s what MoSHPlay thinks of a game that would have, in my youth, been played on a late night shopping night.

(NB The MoSHPlay forecasts below were in error. I’m leaving the table up for completeness’ sake only.)


Below are MoSHPlay’s forecasts based on the teams as announced (and choosing the best 4 from the 8 named on the Interchanges for the Dogs v Pies game).

Note that last night’s forecasts for MoSHPlay for tonight’s game were incorrect. The correct forecasts are as below.

We see rarely broad agreement between MoSHPlay and MoSHBODS this week, with the only sizeable differences as follows:

  • 10 points for the Saints v Lions game (MoSHBODS St Kilda by 4, MoSHPlay Brisbane Lions by 6)

  • 7 points for the Port Adelaide v Geelong game (MoSHBODS Geelong by 9, MoSHPlay Geelong by 16)


MoSHPlay has the Pies winning by 25 points in the final game of the round.