2019 - Round 15 Results - A Holding Pattern

There were no dramatic moves on the MoS Leaderboards this week, as the Head-to-Head Tipsters were separated by just one tip, the Margin Predictors by just 1.7 points per game, and the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors turned in very similar, slightly negative log probability scores.

That left MoSHPlay_Marg still heading the Head-to-Head Tipster Leaderboard by two tips and now on 85 from 126 (68%).

The round’s best mean absolute error (MAE) belonged to ENS_Linear, just ahead of Bookie_9, whose effort was enough to ease it past the RSMP twins and into the lead. There were no other movements on the Leaderboard.

As already noted, all of the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors registered slightly negative log probability scores this week, best amongst them Bookie_OE, and worst MoSHPlay_Prob who now sits 2nd on the Leaderboard behind MoSSBODS_Prob.


More profit this week despite a 4th quarter capitulation by the Saints sinking all three wagers in their game against the Tigers.

All three Funds turned in profits, the weighted sum of which lifted the Combined Portfolio’s price by 2c to $1.174, this result coming now from a 15.3% ROI on a 1.14 turn.