2018 - Round 23 Results - Applause for the Handicapper

It was another 7 or 8 tip, sub-30 mean absolute error (MAE), positive probability score weekend for most forecasters, the end of which saw relatively little movement on the respective Leaderboards.

Amongst the Head-to-Head Tipsters there were scores of 7 from 9 for the Top 4 Tipsters, which left ENS_Linear still two tips clear of Bookie Knows Best and now on 141.5 from 198 (72%).

Amongst the Margin Predictors, the best MAE of 27.6 points per game came from the Predictor in top spot, Bookie_Hcap, who now finds itself almost 9 goals clear of Bookie_3.

The second-best MAE belonged to ENS_Linear, which was good enough to lift it past RSMP_Weighted and into 4th.

The only other moves were one spot climbs by RSMP_Simple and MoSSBODS_Marg, dropping Bookie_9 two places into 8th.

Probability Scores for the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors were again all highly positive this week, though highest for the MoS twins who both recorded their best single-round results of the season. They remain though in 4th and 5th on the Leaderboard, behind - in order, and unchanged from last week - Bookie_RE, Bookie_OE, and then Bookie_LPSO.


This week produced a modest profit for Investors as both the Head-to-Head and Line Funds finished in the black by around 3 to 3.5c.

The Overs/Unders Fund made a small loss, however, which meant that, in aggregate, the Combined Portfolio rose by only just over 2c to finish down by 7.3c on the season from a -3.8% ROI on about a 1.95 turn.