2018 - Round 13 Results - Unlucky For Some

Most Head-to-Head Tipsters tipped the card this week, which once again left the top of the Leaderboard unchanged. ENS_Linear still leads Bookie Knows Best by a single tip but has improved its season-long record to 80.5 from 111 (73%).

Amongst the Margin Predictors C_Marg had a rare week of success, recording the all-Predictor low mean absolute error (MAE) of 19 points per game. Bookie_3 was next best, and though still in 2nd place behind Bookie_Hcap, now trails by only 8 points.

MosHBODS_Marg registered the highest MAE of all the Predictors, at 25.1 points per game, and now trails Bookie_Hcap by about 104 points, or just under 1 point per game.

The Head-to-Head Probability Predictors all recorded positive probability scores yet again, with this week's bests coming from MoSHBODS_Prob and MoSSBODS_Prob. They still lie 4th and 5th on the Leaderboard, but have reasonable hopes of hauling in Bookie_OE.


We mentioned last week that the difference between a sizeable loss or win in the Saints v Suns game spanned only a couple of goals and, in the end, Investors landed roughly in the middle of that range thanks to an extraordinary final quarter effort, which was enough to secure a small profit in that contest.    

Results in the other games contributed a little more profit and saw the Combined Portfolio finish the round up in total by 2c. It is now down by only 1.2c on the season, the result of a -1.0% ROI on about a 1.12 turn.