2017 - Round 27 Results (Grand Final) - MoSSBODS Flags It

MoSSBODS_Marg, in tipping the Tigers, extended its lead at the top of the Leaderboard, finishing the season three tips clear of the pack on 135.5 from 207 (66%). The two RSMP Tipsters finished in joint 2nd place, one tip ahead of MoSHBODS_Marg.

MoSSBODS_Marg also managed to sneak into a podium finish amongst the Margin Predictors, nudging RSMP_Weighted into 4th by less than a single point, and finishing 3rd to RSMP_Simple by only just over a single point.

MoSHBODS_Marg finished comfortably 1st, in the end leading by almost four goals.

Only MoSSBODS_Marg, RSMP_Simple, and Bookie_LPSO finished the season with profitable line betting records (assuming a $1.90 price). RSMP_Weighted essentially finished at break-even.

Amongst the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors, MoSSBODS_Prob recorded the only positive log probability score, but MoSHBODS_Prob did enough to retain top spot on the Leaderboard. Bookie_LPSO and Bookie_OE held onto 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

We finish then with one of the MoS twins heading every Leaderboard, and a Top 4 finish in all contests for both forecasters..


No bets this week. Here's the final Fund Dashboard.

We have then:

  • Head-to-Head Fund: +61.6% (21.4% ROI and 2.9 turn)
  • Line Fund: +40.8% (23.7% ROI and 1.7 turn)
  • Overs/Unders Fund: +8.3% (4.4% ROI and 1.9 turn)
  • Combined Portfolio: +32.0% (15.8% ROI and 2.0 turn)

That brings to a close a very pleasing year.