2017 - Team Ratings After Round 26 (Week 3 of the Finals)

There were no changes in MoSSBODS' or MoSHBODS' Top 3 teams as a result of the Preliminary Finals, which leaves both with the ordering of Adelaide, Sydney, and then Richmond.

Further down we had Geelong doing enough to earn a small Ratings rise on MoSSBODS that slipped it into 5th ahead of Port Adelaide, and we also saw GWS dropping a Rating Point and slipping below Port Adelaide into 5th on MoSHBODS.

On Offensive Ratings there was a surprising level of re-ranking this week on both Systems, though only Richmond moved multiple spots on each - into 5th on MoSSBODS and 4th on MoSHBODS.

Defensively, only two teams moved on both Systems and none by more than a single spot.

On offence then, MoSHBODS still has the Top 3 as Adelaide, Sydney, and then Essendon, while MoSSBODS has the ordering as Adelaide, Essendon and then GWS.

Defensively, MoSHBODS still has the Top 3 as Sydney, Richmond and then Adelaide, while MoSSBODS still has it as Sydney, Richmond and then GWS.

The latest round-by-round MoSSBODS Rating journey animation appears below and shows relatively small movements in the Ratings of the Preliminary Finalists.


Both ChiPS and MARS altered the ranking of four teams this week, though only MARS made changes of more than a single spot. It elevated Richmond three places into 3rd, and slipped Geelong and GWS two places each into 5th and 6th respectively.

That's left ChiPS and MARS with the same Top 6 though with Richmond and Adelaide swapping 1st and 3rd between them across the two Systems.

Looking across the four Systems, Adelaide is now 1st on every System except ChiPS, and Richmond 3rd on every System except ChiPS. Sydney remains 2nd on all four Systems.

The largest disparities in team rankings remain as:

  • Essendon (ranked 8th on MoSHBODS and 13th on MARS)
  • West Coast (ranked 7th on MARS and 12th on MoSSBODS)
  • Melbourne (ranked 8th on MARS, and 13th on MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS)
  • Western Bulldogs (ranked 7th on MoSSBODS and 12th on ChiPS)
  • St Kilda (ranked 7th on MoSHBODS, and 13th on ChiPS)

No other team is ranked more than four places differently across the Systems.