2016 - Round 24 (Finals Week 1) Results - Almost Perfect

Investors enjoyed collects on five of the weekend's six wagers, missing out on a perfect record only because of the narrowness of the Cats' victory margin.

Those five wins and a loss added 2.2c to the Head-to-Head Fund, 0.4c to the Line Fund, and 3.6c to the Overs/Unders Fund, lifting the Overall Portfolio by 1.8c and putting it now 14.7c in profit for the season. That profit has come from a 7.6% ROI and a 1.9 turn on the funds in the Portfolio.

The Overall Portfolio has now made gains in three of the past five rounds after losing money in the four rounds prior to that.


The weekend's first game surprised all of the MoS Tipsters, not just because it had an unexpected winner (the Bulldogs) but also because of the size of their victory.

C_Marg missed that result head-to-head, but correctly predicted the other three to give it the round's best score of 3 from 4. Every other Head-to-Head Tipster scored 2 from 4, which meant that the all-Tipster average was 2.1 and left the Top 3 Tipsters unchanged in their ordering. MoSSBOD_Marg still leads, now on 149 from 202 (74%), one tips ahead of BKB, and now just one tip more ahead of C_Marg.

The Dogs' victory lifted the Margin Predictors' mean absolute errors (MAEs) for the round, the all-Predictor average this week coming in at 39.3 points per game. Best was MoSBODS_Marg's 33.4 points, and second-best was C_Marg's 36.8 points.

Performances from the Predictors at the top of the table were very similar, which left the situation very tight amongst the top three, Bookie_LPSO now leading RSMP_Simple by just 6.5 points and RSMP_Weighted by just 10.2 points.

Bookie_Hcap was the only Predictor climbing places this weekend, it moving back into 4th and shunting ENS_Linear and ENS_Greedy down a place each.

MoSSBODS_Prob was the only Head-to-Head Probability Predictor to record a positive probability score for the weekend, though it remains in last on the ladder. C_Prob was next best, but still lies fourth, and the three Bookmaker-based Predictors all recorded very similar scores to leave their ordering unchanged at the top of the league.