2016 - Round 23 Results - Dons Limit the Damage

An upset win by Essendon over Carlton on Saturday was the only significant joy for Investors this weekend, the head-to-head and line betting collects from that result added to only by much smaller profits on the Saints at the line and from a single successful over/under wager.

In total, the loss for the Overall Portfolio was 1.8c, which leaves it up by 12.9c on the season. That profit stems from a 6.8% ROI on a 1.9 turn. 

So, with just 9 games to go in the season, Investors are virtually assured of a profitable year.


Every one of the MoS Head-to-Head Tipsters selected exactly 6 winners this weekend, which left MoSSBODS_Marg atop the Leaderboard, one tip clear of BKB on 147/198 (74%).

The larger-than-expected margins in a few games made it a tough week for the Margin Predictors, the all-Predictor average mean absolute error (MAE) coming in at a relatively high 38.3 points per game per Predictor.

Best was RSMP_Simple's 36.2 points per game, which allowed it to close the gap between it and the front-running Bookie_LPSO to under 7 points.

We still have then the same Top 3 on the MoS Leaderboard. Just further down though, ENS_Linear and ENS_Greedy grabbed 4th and 5th places this week, dropping Bookie_Hcap back into 6th.

The three MoSSBODS-based Predictors remain at the foot of the ladder, about 1 point per game behind Bookie_LPSO and the only Predictors with season MAEs above 30 points per game.

MoSSBODS' other Predictor, MoSSBODS_Prob also fared poorly this week and was the only Head-to-Head Probability Predictor to record a negative probability score. The four other Predictors all recorded similar, slightly positive scores, which left the ordering on the Leaderboard unchanged.