2016 - Round 21 Results - Only Mildly Regressive

But for the Dons' (apparently) upset victory over the Suns, the weekend would have been a lot worse for Investors, but their 75-69 victory kept the loss to a very manageable 1.2c.

The Head-to-Head and Line Funds both shed about 1c each, on 2 from 5, and 1 from 6 performances respectively, while the Overs/Unders Fund shed about 2.5c after guessing correctly only 1 time in 3.

That leaves the Overall Portfolio still up by 11.4c on the season.


The Dons' victory was predicted by MoSSBODS, which allowed MoSSBODS_Marg to out-tip the field this week with a 6 from 9 score, and to wrest back top spot on the MoS Leaderboard. It's now on 134 from 181 (74%), one tip ahead of BKB. The all-Tipster average for the round was 5 from 9.

MoSSBODS_Marg, as has been a regular story of late, fared less well as a Margin Predictor, its mean absolute error (MAE) for the round of 31.4 points per game almost 2 points per game higher than the all-Predictor average of 29.7, and almost 4 points per game higher than the best MAEs of 27.7 points per game recorded by both Bookie_9 and Bookie_LPSO.

That result for Bookie_LPSO extended its lead at the top of the MoS Leaderboard to 33 points.

The ordering of the Top 4 Margin Predictors remained unchanged at week's end, the only movement amongst Predictors towards the top being C_Marg's drop to 8th. That slip allowed ENS_Greedy to assume C_Marg's previous ranking of 5th.

None of the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors excelled this week, the three bookmaker-based Predictors and MoSSBODS_Prob all registering fractionally positive probability scores, and C_Prob registering a fractionally negative probability score. These scores left the ordering on the Leaderboard unchanged.