2016 - Team Ratings After Round 2

The MoS Rating Systems are still in that phase of the season where they respond most to revealed form, which is why, for example, eight teams' MARS rankings and 10 teams' ChiPS rankings changed this week.

Port Adelaide fell most in both of these Systems, dropping two places to 9th in ChiPS and four places to 8th on MARS, while their opponents, Adelaide, rose most, climbing four places to 5th on MARS, and two places to 7th on ChiPS.

The only other teams moving by more than one place were the Western Bulldogs, up two places to 4th on MARS, Richmond down two places to 7th on MARS, and Port Adelaide, Fremantle and St Kilda, all down two places on ChiPS to 9th, 12th and 16th respectively.

That leaves ChiPS and MARS disagreeing by more than two places about the rankings of only three teams:

  • Adelaide, ranked 5th on MARS and 7th on ChiPS
  • Richmond, ranked 7th on MARS and 5th on ChiPS
  • Fremantle, ranked 10th on MARS and 12th on ChiPS

MoSSBODS is also very actively reassessing the underlying abilities of the teams, altering the Offensive rankings of every team except Sydney and Hawthorn, the Defensive rankings of every team except Hawthorn, West Coast and Melbourne, and the Combined rankings of every team except Adelaide, GWS and Carlton.

Offensively, the big movers were the Gold Coast, up four places into 8th, and St Kilda, down five places into 15th (which seems fair enough for a team that managed only 11 Scoring Shots on the weekend, regardless of their opponents). On average across all teams, Offensive ratings rose by about 0.2 Scoring Shots per team this week on the back of another above-average round of scoring. By design that meant the average Defensive rating fell by the same amount.

Defensively, there was a slew of multi-place movers, Sydney, the Kangaroos and Port Adelaide dropping two places, the Gold Coast dropping three and Fremantle dropping four, while in the other direction the Western Bulldogs, Richmond, Geelong and St Kilda climbed two spots, GWS climbed three, and Essendon climbed four.

On the Combined measure things were a little more stable, with only two teams moving by more than one place, West Coast falling three places into 4th, and St Kilda falling two places into 15th.

That leaves MoSSBODS at odds with MARS and ChiPS mostly in relation to teams at the very bottom of team rankings, the Brisbane Lions ranked 14th by MoSSBODS, but 18th by MARS and ChiPS, Essendon ranked 17th by MoSSBODS but 15th by MARS and ChiPS, and Melbourne ranked 18th by MoSSBODS but 14th by MARS and ChiPS.

In summary, it's still true that there are some quibbles at the margin, but the overall ranking of teams is broadly agreed.

Again this week we'll finish with a chart showing the MoSSBODS movements of the 18 teams between the start and end of the round. (At some point I do hope to find a slightly less ugly way to depict these movements.)