2015 - Team Ratings After Round 26

Both Preliminary Finals went very much to script as far as ChiPS was concerned, the result being only very small changes in the Ratings of the four teams involved.

Those changes for ChiPS had no effect on Team Rankings and leave the Hawks as the top-Ranked team and the Eagles Ranked 2nd. They also see the Roos finish the season in 5th about 1 Rating Point (RP) ahead of the Dockers in 6th, but almost 7 RPs behind the Swans in 4th and over 15 RPs behind the Tigers in 3rd. Those margins will, of course, be compressed as we enter the 2016 season and all teams' Ratings are dragged nearer to 1,000.

MARS' Rating changes were larger than ChiPS' this week but the also had no affect on the prevailing Team Rankings which still see the Hawks 1st, the Eagles 2nd, the Dockers 5th, and the Roos 7th.