2015 - Team Ratings After Round 24

There's not much movement at all on ChiPS this week as we enter the Finals series and the multiplier used to update Team Ratings plummets to its lowest value of the season.

The biggest move came as a result of the Eagles v Hawks clash, which saw an adjustment in those teams' Ratings of just 0.7 Rating Points (RPs). Other adjustments ranging from 0.2 RPs to 0.5 RPs were also made, with increases for the victors in each game, and decreases for the vanquished.

With the Dogs and the Tigers bowing out (well, bow-wowing out, I guess, in the Dogs' case), we now know their final ChiPS Ratings for season 2015, the Tigers finishing with a Rating of 1,027.2 and the Dogs with a Rating of 1,004.8. That Ranks them, at this point, 3rd and 9th respectively.

MARS' Rating adjustments were a little larger, it not having varying multipliers across different portions of the season. For it too, the four winners gained RPs and the four losers lost them, with the largest adjustments coming as a result of the Eagles v Hawks game.

On MARS, the Tigers end the season Rated 1,023.2 and the Dogs end the season Rated 1,007.1. Those Ratings currently have them Ranked 4th and 10th on MARS respectively, both one place lower than the Rankings under ChiPS.