2015 - Team Ratings After Round 1

The Crows are this week's biggest movers on both ChiPS and MARS Ratings, their gains of over 6 Ratings Points (RPs) lifting them into 3rd on ChiPS and 4th on MARS.

(New visitors to MatterOfStats can read about the methodologies behind ChiPS and MARS Ratings and their similarities and differences by following the links in this blog from earlier in the year and by performing site searches on the two Rating System names.)

In the table below you can find, on the left, information about each team's ChiPS Ratings, comprising:

  • Start of Season Ratings and Rankings
  • Changes in ChiPS Rating on the basis of Round 1 results
  • Updated Ratings and Rankings, and the change in Rankings relative to the start of the season

Hawthorn, for example, started the season Rated 1,026.4 and Ranked 1st on ChiPS, and their big win over the Cats gained them almost 5 RPs, lifting their Rating to 1,031.3 and leaving them still Ranked 1st.

On the right of the table you can find the same information about each team for the MARS Rating System.

On ChiPS, Adelaide apart, the big movers were the Roos, down 3 places to 10th; Fremantle, down 2 places to 5th; West Coast, down 2 places to 8th; and the Brisbane Lions, down 2 places to 17th. No team aside from Adelaide rose by more than a single position on ChiPS Rankings.

The MARS story is slightly different but with Adelaide still the big climber, here up 3 places into 3rd. MARS did, however, have another multiple rung climbing team in the Tigers, up 2 places into 7th. Only two teams fell by multiple places on MARS: Port Adelaide down 2 spots into 5th, and the Roos down 3 places into 10th.

Those movements leave just 5 teams whose ChiPS and MARS Rankings differ by more than a single place:

  • Richmond, Ranked 3rd on ChiPS and 7th on MARS
  • Essendon, Ranked 7th on ChiPS and 9th on MARS
  • Geelong, Ranked 9th on ChiPS and 6th on MARS
  • Melbourne, Ranked 15th on ChiPS and 17th on MARS
  • Brisbane Lions, Ranked 17th on ChiPS and 15th on MARS

Whilst there might be some differences in team Rankings and Ratings across the two Systems, as we've seen previously Ratings remain highly correlated: at the start of the season the correlation was +0.97; it now stands at +0.96.