2014 - Team Ratings After Round 27

After Saturday's demolition of the Swans by the Hawks it's fitting that both ChiPS and MARS Rate the Hawks at season's-end as the Number 1 team - though, to be fair to ChiPS, it thought that was the case before the GF too.

ChiPS' final Ratings have the Hawks as about a 6 point better team than the Swans who, in turn, are about a 4 point better team than Port Adelaide

MARS, after the GF, Rates the Hawks as 11 Rating Points (RPs) better than the Swans. Using the rule of thumb that 1 ChiPS RP = 0.75 MARS RP, this MARS Ratings difference equates to about 8 ChiPS RPs, which is not all that different from ChiPS' own opinion of the relative team strengths.

Port Adelaide, according to MARS, is about a 15 RP weaker team than the Swans, which converts to about 11 ChiPS RPs using the same exchange rate. MARS, therefore, thinks the difference in ability between Sydney and Port Adelaide is greater than does ChiPS.

In terms of Rating changes rather than Rating levels, Sydney finishes the season as the team with the 3rd-highest ChiPS and MARS Rating increase while Hawthorn records the 5th-highest ChiPS increase and the 2nd-highest MARS increase.

Port Adelaide records comfortably the largest Ratings increase on both Systems, whilst St Kilda records even more comfortably the largest declines.