2014 - Team Ratings After Round 10

GWS returned to its more normal role as ChiPS Ratings Point (RP) donor this weekend, surrendering almost 6 RPs to Richmond and allowing the Tigers to leapfrog over Adelaide and into the Top 8. The only other ranking changes saw Port Adelaide slip into 2nd, relegating Geelong to 3rd.

Port Adelaide is the only team ranked by ChiPS more than two places differently than by MARS. ChiPS ranks them 2nd, MARS 5th.

According to ChiPS, ratings momentum over the most-recent 5 rounds has been greatest for Sydney, Gold Coast, Port Adelaide, Hawthorn and Melbourne, and most negative for St Kilda, GWS, Geelong and the Brisbane Lions.

The chart below shows Colley remaining alone in its assessments of the Suns, the Tigers, and to a lesser extent the Hawks and Sydney. It also highlights the general confluence of opinion between ChiPS and MARS on the respective ranking of each team.

Round 10 results had little effect on ODM's defensive and offensive rankings of each team, serving instead to largely reinforce what it already believed.

Finally, we see ChiPS maintaining its lead over MARS in terms of simple predictive accuracy, while the majority of the other Rating Systems fell a little further behind both ChiPS and MARS.