2012 Round 18 - Wagers & Tips : No Line's Formed for the Giants v Pies Game

GWS play host to the Pies this weekend at the most traditional of football grounds, the Sydney Showground, and this matchup has, predictably, caused the TAB Bookmaker to pause. I imagine he's deciding whether or not to post a line market with a high two-figure handicap or, instead, with a three-figure handicap for the first time in who knows how long.

Right now he's still pausing, so we're still waiting.

We've already locked in two head-to-head, six line and four SuperMargin wagers spanning all but the Port v Freo game, so we're guaranteed a busy weekend whatever he comes up with, but we'll have one more wager on GWS should the line market be posted with the 100-or-so points start I'm expecting.

Until tomorrow then ...