2011 MARS Ratings After Round 17

It was another one of those weeks where the only changes on the MARS Ratings ladder occurred mid-table, with three of the teams now ranked between 5th and 10th registering climbs, and three more now ranked between 6th and 11th registering falls.

St Kilda recorded the week's largest climb, up 2 spots into 5th, while the Eagles and Fremantle each climbed 1 spot into 7th and 10th respectively. In terms of falls, the Dogs fell furthest, 2 spots to 8th, while Sydney and the Dons both fell 1 spot into 6th and 11th respectively.

That leaves the table looking awfully like this:

Recent momentum on MARS Ratings is now with the Saints, Fremantle, the Dogs, the Pies and the Eagles, each of which has gained around 5 Ratings Points or more across the last 5 rounds.

The Saints are a particularly interesting case as their recent rise has lifted them into 5th on the MARS Rating ladder, a full 5 places above their ladder position.

This 5 spot absolute difference between competition and MARS ladder positions is the largest of any team, but there are five more teams where the difference is 3 spots or more.

Fremantle, despite their recent MARS Ratings point accumulation, are still ranked 10th on MARS even though they're 6th on the ladder, while the Eagles, another recent MARS Ratings point accumulator, are in a similar position, ranked 7th on MARS but 4th on the ladder.

Conversely, the Dogs, another team that's recently been snatching Ratings points, are ranked 8th on MARS but 12th on the ladder.

Essendon and Melbourne are the two other teams with sizeable differences in their MARS and ladder rankings, the Dons being 8th on the ladder but 11th on MARS, with the Dees exactly one spot lower on each table.

The Suns, Port and the Tigers have all been generous Ratings Point donors over the past 5 rounds, each contributing at least 5 Ratings Points to their collective opponents during that period, almost 13 Ratings Points in the case of the Tigers.

Colley and Massey Ratings changed little this week. Sydney was the largest mover on Colley ratings, falling 3 places to 9th, while Fremantle (up 2), Gold Coast (up 2), and Port Adelaide (down 2), were the only other teams to move by more than a single ladder position.

Based on Massey ratings, the only ranking change the Roos and the Dogs swapping 10th and 11th spots between them.

So, there are now 8 teams about which the Colley, Massey and MARS rankings differ by 3 spots or more: 

  • Essendon, ranked 6th by Massey, 7th by Colley, and 11th by MARS
  • Fremantle, ranked 6th by Colley, 10th by MARS, and 12th by Massey
  • The Roos, ranked 9th by MARS, 10th by Massey, and 12th by Colley
  • Melbourne, ranked 9th by Massey, 10th by Colley, and 12th by MARS
  • St Kilda, ranked 5th by MARS, and 8th by Colley and Massey
  • Sydney, ranked 6th by MARS, 7th by Massey, and 9th by Colley
  • West Coast, ranked 4th by Colley, 5th by Massey, and 7th by MARS
  • The Dogs, ranked 8th by MARS, and 11th by Colley and Massey