MAFL 2010 : Round 23 Results (Week 1 of the Finals)

MAFL's generally done well during the Finals and, while it could have been better had the Cats' final goal been allowed to stand and had the Swans managed more than 3 behinds in the 3rd term, this year's September has at least started in the black.

Of the four Funds trading this week, all but the ELO-Line Fund made money. Hope's success added 5c to its price and lifted it into overall profitability for the season. That means that we've now only the New Heritage and Shadow Funds to blame for the season's losses.

For the Recommended Portfolio, these losses now amount to a little under 11% for the season after it rose 2% on the weekend. MIN#017's Portfolio also showed a small gain, rising by 2.3% to leave it down about 59% for the year. MIN#002's Portfolio is no longer trading and so remains down 28% on the year.

Here's the (truncated) Dashboard for Round 23:

Whilst there was only one change of ladder positions on MARS Ratings this week, the two sizeable victory margins did produce some numerically substantial changes in the Ratings themselves. Collingwood's 4.5 Ratings Point gain, coupled with Geelong's 1.8 Ratings Point decline, narrowed the Ratings gap between these two teams to about 1.5 Ratings Points, which is the smallest it's been since Geelong took over top spot from Collingwood in Round 20.

HAMP, ELO and Chi all correctly tipped 3 of the weekend's 4 winners, while BKB and LAMP both managed only 2 from 4.

Despite another relatively poor week's tipping, BKB remains as the only Margin Tipper with a sub-30 Mean Absolute Prediction Error. It's now on 29.8 points per game, ahead of LAMP on 30.24 and HAMP on 30.39.

Median APE measures were unchanged for all Margin Tippers this week, leaving LAMP leading on 26 points (not 26.5 points as indicated last week), a full point ahead of BKB, ELO and HAMP, all tied for 2nd on 27.