The Funds Grow A Little More Discerning

A quieter weekend is in prospect for most Investors as we've just 14 bets in total covering only 6 of the 8 contests. As it's a long weekend, there's a Monday game, but it's not one we have any financial interest in.

Across the weekend, we have:

  • New Heritage Fund: 3 wagers for about 35% of the Fund. Each wager is about 11 or 12% of the Fund and they're on teams with prices of $1.18, $1.25 and $1.36, so we'll need all 3 to win if this Fund is to return a profit for the weekend.
  • Prudence Fund: 5 wagers for about 16.5% of the Fund. Again Prudence has wagers on the same teams as New Heritage, the largest of these on Port at $1.18. The two additional wagers are both small and they're on the Lions and the Dons.
  • Hope Fund: 2 wagers for about 5% of the Fund, the more significant of those on the Dons at $1.80.
  • Chi-squared Fund: 2 wagers for around 14.5% of the Fund. The larger - almost 10% of the Fund - is on the Dons.
  • Line Redux Fund: 2 wagers for 10% of the Fund, 5% on the Roos receiving 39.5 points start playing the Saints, and another 5% on Hawthorn giving Sydney 15.5 points start.

Here's this week's Ready Reckoner. (Fortunately, none of the New Heritage bets are on the away team this week, so we've no instances of bets on both teams head-to-head.)

So, for most Investors it's the Hawks v Sydney game that represents the largest potential swing in terms of the best-case versus the worst-case outcomes. For those with the Recommended Portfolio - and for MIN#001 and MIN#015 - it's the Essendon v Adelaide game that's next most important.

(Note that there's still one line market to come - that for the Essendon v Adelaide game - but we're unlikely to have a line wager on this game.)

Next, tipping:

  • The Dogs are favoured 13-0 over the Tigers.
  • The Saints are favoured 12-1 over the Roos, with the only support for the Roos coming from HSH.
  • Brisbane are 9-4 favourites over the Blues. Silhouette is the only tipster of note siding with the Blues.
  • Port are favoured 12-1 over Freo, with only EI I tipping the Dockers. Chi has Port winning by 6 points making this his Game of the Round.
  • Adelaide are 7-6 favourites over the Dons. BKB are on the Dons as is ELO but by only 1 point making this its Game of the Round.
  • Hawthorn are favoured 9-4 over Sydney. Sydney has CTL on its side, but the remaining form tipsters are all on the Hawks.
  • Geelong are favoured 12-1 over the Eagles. Again, HSH finds itself alone on the underdog.
  • Collingwood are favoured 12-1 over the Dees and once more its HSH the lone dissenter.

Finally, on Line Betting:

  • Chi's line bets are Richmond, Kangaroos, Carlton, Fremantle, Essendon, Hawthorn, West Coast and Melbourne.
  • ELO's line bets are Bulldogs, Kangaroos, Carlton, Fremantle, Essendon, Sydney, Geelong and Melbourne.