More Bets, Smaller Outlay

We have twenty bets this weekend, though a few of them come firmly from the why-bother end of the wagering scale. And, once again, the Funds have organised themselves so that we've at least one wager in every game, and the New Heritage Fund has gone contrarian, leaving us with wagers on both sides of the same contest.

Here's a summary of what we have:

  • The New Heritage Fund has made 6 wagers this week, though only 3 of them are of any import and these are on teams ranging in price from $1.13 to $1.55. So, all up, a fairly conservative week for this Fund.
  • Prudence has found 4 wagers, 3 of them - as has been its wont these past few weeks - on the same team as the New Heritage Fund. The exception is its wager on West Coast in the game where New Heritage fancies the Pies.
  • The Hope Fund, chastened it seems by last weekend's 0 from 2, has just 2 bets this weekend, both exceedingly modest and ultra-conservative.
  • Chi-squared has followed up last weekend's single bet with a trio this week, the largest about 8% on the Roos at $1.70.
  • The Line Redux Fund has recorded its highest level of activity for the season, registering 5 bets, 3 of them on teams giving start and 2 of them on teams receiving start.

So, as is becoming the custom, plenty to keep us occupied in that lot.

(There is still one line market yet to be posted, but I'm expecting it to be the Roos -6.5 in which case we'll have no interest.)

Turning next to tips:

  • Geelong are favoured 12-1 over the Dogs, with only Home Sweet Home supporting the Dogs, based on its recognition that this alleged Geelong home game is being played Docklands and so is really a Dogs home game.
  • The Roos are favoured 9-4 over Freo, though Chi has the Roos winning by less than a kick and so makes this one of his Games of the Round. None of our top 6 tipsters fancies Freo.
  • Carlton are 8-5 favourites over the Crows, with ELO predicting just a 1 point win for the Blues, making this game its Game of the Round. Amongst the top tipsters, Shadow and Silhouette have opted for the Crows.
  • West Coast are favoured 9-4 over the cold Pies. Amongst the 4 supporters for the Pies, however, are ELO, Shadow and Silhouette.
  • Essendon are favoured 10-3 over the Tigers. Chi has the Dons getting home by 5 points, making this his alternative Game of the Round. All of our best performing tipsters are on the Dons.
  • Port Adelaide are favoured 8-5 over Sydney and can count CTL, Shadow, Silhouette and Ride Your Luck amongst their supporters. 
  • St Kilda are favoured 11-2 over the Lions, with EI I and EI II the only tipsters sufficiently impressed with the Lions' 36-point win over the Crows last weekend to side with the Lions over the in-form and ladder-leading Saints.
  • Hawthorn are favoured 12-1 over the Dees, STM II being the Dees' sole supporter, still buoyed by its successful tip of the Dons back in Round 6 and still hampered by its unwillingness to tip the Hawks since its fateful mis-tip in Round 2.

Finally, on Line Betting:

  • Chi's line bets are Western Bulldogs, Fremantle (TBC), Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond, Port Adelaide, St Kilda and Melbourne.
  • ELO's line bets are Western Bulldogs, Kangaroos (TBC), Adelaide, Collingwood, Richmond, Port Adelaide, Brisbane Lions and Hawthorn.