Profit For Most

Of the fifteen bets we had on the weekend, 9 of them were successful.

The New Heritage Fund landed 3 from 6, dropping 16.7c in the process to drive its price down to 89.7c. Carlton's narrow loss to Freo was most painful for this Fund, accounting for 11.8c of the drop.  Prudence recorded a 3 from 5 result, but still dropped by 1.8c, leaving it now priced at 97.1c. It, like New Heritage, suffered most from Carlton's loss, dropping 3.4c on that result alone.

The stories for the two remaining active Funds were far more positive.

Line Redux managed only 1 from 2, but had more riding on its winning bet than it did on its losing bet and so finished up 2.4c on the weekend, driving its price to $1.084. The Hope Fund, quite simply, sparkled, landing 2 from 2, both underdogs, lifting its share price by 33.6c to $1.391. 

(The remaining Fund, the Chi-Squared Fund, did not wager this week and remains at 93.3c.)

All that activity generated additional net profit on the weekend for all Investors except MIN#017. The Recommended Portfolio rose by 1.74c, leaving it now up 3.43% on the season.

On tipping, Follow the Streak had the best performance, bagging 6 from 8 for the third time this season. ELO, in contrast, struggled, backing up its season-high of 7 last week with a season-low of 3 this week. Three tipsters are now joint leaders in our tipping competition - BKB, Shadow and STM II - all on 35 from 56 (62.5%).

So far this season, level-stake betting on four tipsters would have been profitable: STM II, Shadow, Silhouette and EI II (in decreasing order of net profit). EI II has been profitable despite managing only tipping correctly on 31 occasions by virtue of landing teams such as Fremantle and Essendon at juicy odds this week and 5 other teams priced at better than $2 in weeks gone by.

In the wagering analysis of the heuristic algorithms that I carried out looking at previous seasons' data, you might recall that I found that level-stake betting on every tip was a profitable proposition provided that we started in Round 7 of each year. Accordingly, I've now added another column to the table tracking the heuristics' wagering performance, headed "From R7", in which we'll record the result of following this approach.