MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 9

Of all the Dashboard Metrics we track, those currently most correlated with team success (based on the rank correlation between team ordering on the metric and team ordering on the competition ladder) are:

  • the MoS Win Production Function (correlation +0.93)

  • Goals Scored per game (+0.90)

  • Points Scored per game (+0.87)

  • Percent of Quarters Won (+0.79)

  • Scoring Shots per Game (+0.78)

The Metrics currently least correlated with team success are:

  • Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion (+0.15)

  • Q2 Performances (+0.25)

  • Q3 Performances (+0.51)

  • Q1 Performances (+0.55)

  • Own Scoring Shot Conversion (+0.55)

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features from which are that:

  • West Coast, with a 6 and 3 record, have only a 100 percentage

  • Brisbane Lions and Richmond, both with 6 and 3 records, have nearly identical percentages of about 103.5

  • In comparison, Fremantle, with a 4 and 5 record, have only a 110.4 percentage

  • Gold Coast have now scored only 18% of their aggregate points in Q2s (but 32% in Q1s)

  • Collingwood have scored only 19% of their aggregate points in Q2s

  • Sydney have scored 34% of their aggregate points in Q2s and 57% in Q1s and Q2s (but only 20% in Q3s).