MatterOfStats 2018 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

The latest Team Dashboard appears below.

This week we'll revisit the rank correlations between the teams' ladder positions and their ranking on the various metrics from the Dashboard, a topic that we've not addressed since Round 5.

(A quick refresher on correlation coefficients: they range between -1 and +1, with a value of +1 suggesting that a team's ladder ranking is positively related to its ranking on the metric in question - in other words, that teams higher on the ladder also tend to rank higher on the metric. A value of 0 implies that there's no relationship between the teams' ladder ordering and their ordering on the metric, while a value of -1 implies that teams higher on the ladder also tend to rank lower on the metric.)

We now have the following correlations (the values from Round 5 are shown in brackets):

  • Own Scoring Shot Production: +0.89 (+0.83)
  • Opponent Scoring Shot Production: +0.89 (+0.85)
  • Own Scoring Shot Conversion: +0.67 (+0.39)
  • Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion: +0.09 (-0.05)
  • Q1 Performances: +0.81 (+0.65)
  • Q2 Performances: +0.83 (+0.79)
  • Q3 Performances: +0.72 (+0.63)
  • Q4 Performances: +0.74 (+0.63)

Overall then, we see greater alignment between the teams' current ladder rankings and their ordering on all eight of the Dashboard metrics, most notably on Own Scoring Shot Conversion.

It remains the case that teams' ranking on Scoring Shot Production and Concession is closest to their ladder positions, while their ranking on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion is almost completely unrelated to where they sit on the ladder.