MatterOfStats 2018 : Team Dashboard for Round 1

For readers new to MoS, let me introduce the Team Dashboard. Updated at the end of every round, the Dashboard has three main sections.

  • Competition Ladder: which provides just a little bit more than your standard ladder, including a breakdown of points scored and conceded into goals and behinds, and a timeseries of each teams' game-by-game results
  • Scoring Shot Data: which provides information about each team's Scoring Shot production and Scoring Shot concession, and the average rate at each team and each teams' opponents have converted those Scoring Shots. On the far right is information about the winning rate we would expect each team to have recorded, given its Scoring Shot data and using the MoS Win Production Function, which was developed some years ago
  • Quarter By Quarter Performance: which provides information about each teams' record in each of the four quarters - the proportion of them that it has won, and the ratio of points that it has scored to points that it has conceded in each quarter.

As we get further into the season and trends begin to emerge, we'll start to do some comparative analyses using the data from the Dashboard. For this week, though, I'll just provide the Dashboard itself.