MatterOfStats 2017 : Team Dashboard for Round 13

The latest Team Dashboard appears below.

For this week's analysis, we're going to look at team-by-team performances across Rounds 1 to 6 compared to Rounds 7 to 13, which, because of the bye rounds, puts six games for each team into each section.

Data for Rounds 1 to 6 appears in the leftmost section, for Rounds 7 to 13 in the middle section, and the difference between them in the rightmost section. The columns in the final section and colour-coded so that "better" is green and "worse" is red.

Some of the key features of this analysis are as follows:

  • Teams currently in the top half of the ladder, with the exception of Melbourne and Essendon, have all tended to score fewer goals per game and be less accurate across Rounds 7 to 13 compared with Rounds 1 to 6. They've also recorded lower winning rates
  • In contrast, teams from the bottom half have tended to score more goals per game, be more accurate, and win a larger proportion of games than they did in Rounds 1 to 6.

As a result, we now have a competition ladder where 4th and 15th are separated by just 2 wins.