MatterOfStats 2016 : Team Dashboard for Round 18

This week we'll focus on teams' quarter-by-quarter performances.

  • Hawthorn: remarkably poor in 1st and 2nd quarters for a team on top of the ladder. They're 10th in Q1s and 11th in Q2s having won only 50% and 47% of those quarters, respectively
  • GWS: consistently good across all four quarters, especially Q2s where they're best in the league having won 76% of them and registering a 141 percentage
  • Sydney: have struggled a little in Q2s where they lie only 8th having won just 53% of them. Top 4 in every other quarter
  • Geelong: standouts in Q4s where they are ranked 1st having won 91% of these quarters and having outscored their opponents by more than 2 to 1. They've underperformed in Q1s, however, where they are ranked only 11th with a 50% record
  • West Coast: solid across all four quarters but especially good in Q1s and Q2s where they lie 1st and 2nd, respectively, having won over 70% of both quarters
  • Adelaide: also solid in all four quarters, but especially in Q2s where its 82% record and 153 percentage see it ranked 1st
  • Western Bulldogs: middling performer in all quarters, worst in Q2s where it lies 10th with only a 50% record and a 115 percentage
  • Kangaroos: top 5 in Q1s and Q2s but only 13th in Q3s with a disturbing 38% record and a sub-100 percentage
  • St Kilda: no better than their ladder position 10th in any quarter and as low as 14th in Q1s where they've a 41% record and 74 percentage
  • Port Adelaide: 7th in every quarter except Q3 where they sit 11th with a 41% record and a 85 percentage
  • Melbourne: consistently 9th or 10th in every quarter with roughly 50% records. Their best percentage is 116 in Q2s
  • Collingwood: poor in Q3s (15th) and Q4s (16th) but much better in Q2s where they are ranked 6th having won 59% of them but with only a 109 percentage
  • Richmond: consistently 12th to 14th across all four quarters. Best perhaps in Q2s where they've won 47% and registered a 94 percentage
  • Carlton: ranked 15th to 17th in Q1s to Q3s, but 11th in Q4s which they've managed to win 50% of the time despite being comfortably outscored, in aggregate, by their opponents
  • Gold Coast: worst in the league in Q4s with a 24% win rate and a 65 percentage, but far more respectable in Q1s where they sit ranked 8th with a 53% record and a 103 percentage
  • Fremantle: languishing in 14th to 17th in Q1, Q2s and Q4s, bur remarkably 5th in Q3s with a 62% record but only a 98 percentage
  • Brisbane Lions: lie 15th to 18th in all four quarters. Poorest in Q2s where they're a 12% win rate and a 46 percentage
  • Essendon: ranked last in Q1s and Q3s, and second-last in Q2s. Only 13th in Q4s, however, where they've recorded a win rate of of 38% and a percentage of 67