MatterOfStats 2016 : Team Dashboard for Round 6

The teams that now comprise the competition's Top 8 have only 12 losses this season amongst them, which is one loss fewer than the teams in just the next 4 places have accumulated.

Melbourne, despite losing, continue to convert at an absurdly high level (66.4%), while Fremantle continue to do the opposite. In converting at less than 50% for the 6th successive game, Fremantle became the first team to achieve this feat, according to my records, since (ironically) the 1977 Melbourne team. The Dockers' overall conversion rate this season now stands at 41.4%.

Geelong also continue to rack up ludicrous numbers in 4th Quarters, their record now standing at 6 and 0 with a 400 percentage. That number is so large that it makes the Eagles' creditable 138 percentage in the same term look puny in the table below.

According to the MoS Win Production Function, Hawthorn and the Kangaroos are the only teams whose scoring statistics suggest they've won a full game more than might be expected , while Fremantle are the only team with statistics that suggest they've won a full game less (mainly due to the fact that they're ranked 8th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion rate).