MatterOfStats 2014 : Team Dashboard for Round 3

The latest Team Dashboard reveals that, among other things:

  • Adelaide's opponents have converted their Scoring Shots at an amazing 64.4% so far this season
  • The Bulldogs' opponents have performed almost equally as well, converting at 64%
  • The Brisbane Lions are yet to win a quarter this season
  • Adelaide are yet to win a 1st or a 4th Quarter
  • Carlton, Melbourne and Sydney are yet to win a 2nd Quarter
  • The Bulldogs are yet to win a quarter in the 2nd Half
  • GWS have outscored their opponents by 2.6:1 in 4th Quarters
  • Collingwood have been outscored by their opponents 2:1 in 1st Quarters
  • West Coast have the best 1st, 3rd and 4th Quarter records of any team