MatterOfStats 2014 : Team Dashboard for Round 6

The Suns have now risen as far as 6th place on the competition ladder despite having a sub-100 percentage, and Essendon have fallen to 12th with a percentage near 105.

In other curiosities, the teams currently in 4th and 5th spots (Collingwood and the Kangaroos) have both scored fewer goals than the team in 16th (Carlton) and fewer than eight other teams below them on the ladder.

What's more, Collingwood, who sit in 4th place on the ladder, have the 2nd-worst conversion rate of all teams, while the Dogs, who sit in 15th, have the 2nd-best conversion rate, and the Lions, who sit in last position, have the 4th-best conversion rate.

The Brisbane Lions are the only team to have failed to win a specific quarter in six attempts. In fact, they've done this for two quarters, having 0 from 6 records in 3rd and in 4th quarters. Conversely, Port Adelaide are the only team to have won all 6 of any quarter, this being the case for 3rd quarters in their games where they've this perfect record. In those quarters they have, in aggregate, outscored their opponents by more than 2:1.