MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

The latest Team Dashboard follows, for which I'd note that my ordering of the teams will differ from the "official" view. This is because I adjust for byes by ranking teams based on the competition points they've accrued relative to the opportunities they've had to accrue them, not by the total points they've actually accrued. Practically, right now that affects the rankings only of Fremantle, Essendon, Richmond and Port Adelaide.

This week I'll restrict my comments to those relating to team Quarter-by-Quarter performances, about which I'll note that:

  • Adelaide are poor starters but strong finishers in each half of games, being ranked 11th and 12th in Q1 and Q3, but 4th and 2nd in Q2 and Q4
  • Carlton are particularly weak in Q2 (ranked 13th) but strong in Q3 (ranked 4th)
  • Collingwood are notably weak in Q4 where they're ranked 12th and have a percentage of just 100
  • Fremantle are strong in Q2 where they're ranked 2nd
  • Geelong are the best team in the competition in Q3 but only 12th in Q1
  • Gold Coast have much better 2nd halfs than 1st halfs - they're ranked 6th and 8th in Q3 and Q4, and 10th and 14th in Q1 and Q2
  • Hawthorn are surprisingly poor in Q2 where they're ranked only 11th having won only 55% of these quarters
  • The Roos are the best team in the competition in Q1 where they've a 91% win rate and a 217 percentage
  • Port Adelaide, similar to Adelaide, are poorest in Q1s and Q3s where they're ranked 16th and 10th, and strongest in Q2s and, especially, Q4s where they've ranked 5th and 1st.
  • Richmond are most notably weak in Q3 where they're ranked 13th
  • Sydney, unlike the Swans of previous years, are relatively poor finishers being ranked 11th in Q4s