MAFL 2012 : Team Dashboard for Round 15

The latest Team Dashboard follows.

Based purely on Scoring Shots statistics and the Win Production Function I derived last year, five teams have won one or more games fewer than their statistics would suggest they "should" have, and three teams have won one or more games "extra".


  • St Kilda has won 2.7 games fewer, Hawthorn 2.1, Carlton 1.2, Gold Coast 1.1, and Richmond 1.0 games fewer
  • Collingwood has won 1.4 games more, the Dogs 1.3, and Adelaide 1.1 games more

A competition ladder based on the expected wins from the Win Production Function would have the same teams in the top 8 as we have now in the competition proper, though ordered as follows (teams' actual ladder positions are in brackets after their name): Hawthorn (5th), Sydney (1st), West Coast (2nd), Essendon (6th), Adelaide (3rd), St Kilda (8th), Collingwood (4th), Geelong (7th).