MAFL 2012 : Team Dashboard for Round 5

The latest Team Dashboard follows. Here's a factoid for each team:

  • Adelaide : 3rd highest scoring shots created per game and 5th lowest scoring shots allowed, but last in terms of both own and opponents' conversion of those scoring shots
  • Brisbane Lions : Sub 100 percentage for every quarter except the 3rd
  • Carlton : lowest Opponent conversion rate in the league
  • Collingwood : still yet to win a final term
  • Essendon : percentage over 100 in every quarter
  • Fremantle : 14th in 1st and 2nd quarters, 4th in 3rd and 4th quarters
  • Geelong : 3rd best conversion rate in the league
  • Gold Coast : yet to win a 1st quarter
  • GWS : yet to win a 3rd quarter
  • Hawthorn : yet to lose a 2nd quarter
  • Kangaroos : 1st in scoring shot production across the league
  • Melbourne : 2nd lowest scoring shot production and 3rd highest scoring shots conceded
  • Port Adelaide : 3rd best in 3rd quarters
  • Richmond : yet to win a 2nd term
  • St Kilda : lowest scoring shots conceded per game
  • Sydney : highest scoring shot conversion rate and greatest own vs opponent scoring shot conversion rate differential
  • West Coast : best 1st and 3rd quarter records in the league (and 2nd best 2nd quarter performance)
  • Western Bulldogs : 3rd worst 1st quarter performance in the league