MAFL 2012 : Team Dashboard for Round 3

The Suns won their first two quarters for the season this week, though this wasn't quite enough to secure them their first competition points at the same time. That moves them equal now with GWS and the Dogs in having won just 2 of the 12 quarters in which they've taken part.

Conversely, the Eagles have won all of their 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and lost only a solitary 4th term - as it happens, to GWS last weekend, when the game was already long since decided.

Carlton, Hawthorn and Freo, at this early stage, are emerging as the competition's slow starters and big finishers, while the Swans are exhibiting the opposite behaviour. Only the Roos, the Saints and the Eagles have demonstrated an ability to perform strongly in all four quarters.