A Timeline of Season 2014 So Far

I discovered an interesting, free tool this afternoon, written in Java and designed for reporters to chart the timelines of events. It's called TimeFlow, and I've used it in this blog to depict the 2014 season so far.

Firstly, here's a timeline themed around home team performances.

(Please click the image for a larger version.)

Each row depicts the performance of a given team at home and each bubble the size of the home team final game margin. Closed circles denote home wins and open circles home losses, the bubble label provides the opponent name in short form, and the colour is tied to the venue (though, to be fair, that's hard to differentiate in some cases). The vertical displacement across the page reflects the time at which the game was played (the months are at the bottom of the chart).

So, for example, the topmost bubble on the left reflects St Kilda's narrow home win over Melbourne in late March at Docklands.

The second and final chart provides the same data but organised such that the rows now denote the away team. 

Note that, in this view, open circles signify an away team win, and closed circles an away team loss. So, for example, here the topmost bubble at left represents the Roos' away win over the Dogs in late March.