A Game of Four Quarters?

I was reviewing the data in the Alternative Premierships file and thought I'd share a quick analysis of it with you.

I've jotted down some pen notes against each team, which I'll leave as an (eye) exercise for you to read. Looking at some of the broader trends, it's interesting to note how poorly some of the teams currently in the top 6 have performed in at least one quarter. Brisbane is the best example of this, having recorded an average sub-100 percentage in all but the 3rd quarter of its games yet doing enough on the strength of this to be placed 6th on the ladder.

Further down the table we find the converse, with generally poorly performing teams nonetheless returning solid results in one quarter of their games. West Coast, for example, has a 158 percentage in 1st quarters, but lies 11th, and Richmond has a 127 percentage in 3rd quarters, but lies 15th.