Waiting on Line

Hmmm. (Just how many ms are there in that word?)

It's Tuesday evening around 7pm and there's still no Line market up on TAB Sportsbet. In the normal course this market would go up at noon on Monday, and that's when the first match is on Friday night. So, this week the first game is 24 hours earlier than normal and the Line market looks as though it'll be delayed by 48 hours, perhaps more.

Curiouser still is the fact that the Head-to-Head market has been up since early March (at least) and there's an historical and strong mathematical relationship between Head-to-Head prices and the Line market, as the following chart shows.


The dark line overlaid on the chart fits the empirical data very well. As you can see, the R-squared is 0.944, which is an R-squared I'd be proud to present to any client.

Using the fitted equation gives the following table of Favourite's Price and Predicted Points Start:


Anyway, back to waiting for the TAB to set the terms of our engagement for the weekend ...